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How we learnt to save money in Azure

How we learnt to save money in Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform (in its true sense, not just a buzzword) for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services.

But it’s a complicated beast to set up and manage. The Azure landscape is a constantly changing pricing structure with lots of new features.

If you get it wrong at the beginning, then you might never achieve optimum performance within your expected budget.

So how have igroup managed to save money in Azure?

It all started in 2012. We were receiving more and more repeat requests related to managing and maintenance in Azure.

As with all good teams, ours set out to bring together all the requests, reports and procedures they’d been dealing with, to create Cloud Control, a bespoke piece of software that enabled us to achieve two things.

First, ensure we deliver a whole solution to every customer, and second, to make that task repeatable.

It was a fantastic success.

In 2017, we spotted another pattern developing. Azure costs growing exponentially. Ironically, we’d already solved the problem for our own Azure accounts before it even occurred with our own management of Azure.

We set out again to create another solution that enabled us to save money in Azure by tracking and analysing usage, along with an Azure Cloud Architecture Assessment process that provided recommendations to infrastructure changes and areas in which savings could be achieved.

Every time we’ve applied our solution to an environment for a business, the team have been able to reduce around a staggering 30% of their annual Azure costs.

Yes. Saved 30% of Azure costs.


“igroup can only be described as a close-knit family”

Working for igroup


Commissions are available for both sales and none salespeople. Salespeople can double their base salary!

Performance Bonus

We are committed to developing all staff and run regular Personal Development reviews to ensure everyone is on track. Any bonus is completely discretionary, but we reward our high achievers.

Profit Share

We recognise that the commitment & outstanding ability of our employees is a major contributor to our continued success. We will therefore recognise this with an annual bonus, to be divided between our valued employees.

Workplace pension

We offer the statutory pension to all, with additional employer’s contributions available, subject to performance. These can be in the form of an agreed increase or one-off contributions.

Private healthcare

The Vitality health plan rewards healthy habits with point system which can be spent on a wide range of discounts and rewards from big brands such as Virgin Active, British Airways, Starbucks, Mr & Mrs Smith, and free memberships and discounted health screening.

Holiday Entitlement

We offer excellent holiday entitlement of 30 days inclusive of bank holidays, with an additional day added in the first two years of service. Maximum entitlement is 32 days (including bank holidays).


The package includes three times the employees annual salary and is paid as a lump sum.

Laptop/Surface Pro

We will ensure everyone has the appropriate IT equipment for the roles they carry out, in many cases this will include provision of Surface Pros over and above the standard issue lap top.

Car Allowance Scheme

We believe in ensuring our employees who travel as part of their role, should have a suitable reward package to ensure they have a high standard of vehicle available to them.

Training allowance

As staff development is key to the company, all employees who are achieving PDR objectives will qualify for a training allowance of at least £1,500 per annum.

Staff Treats

Our staff benefit from a package of thousands of free and discounted perks, including comprehensive health and wellness programmes, salary sacrifice and more.

Staff Trips & Team Building

At least 3 times a year we have a get together at the weekend, taking part in an activity that we will have voted on previously. Our most recent outings have included Quad Biking, hoverboarding and foot golf.

Exam funding

We fund any relevant exams for employees, this would include full funding for first attempts and the potential of part funding up front for subsequent attempts, with the balance payable upon passing.

Interest Free Loans

We endeavour to help employees that may need it, as such staff loans are available, subject to a qualifying period and PDR performance. These loans will be a maximum of £5,000 with the possibility of zero interest.

Free drinks, snacks & treats

We endeavour to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and provide healthy snacks and bottled water in the office. The occasional pizza redresses the balance!